Jul 30, 2018

Back to sewing

Assalamualaikum and hi readers!

So Asyraf is away. This time is longer than before. But he's being extra romantic when he's away. I hate the feeling of being alone dekat rumah. Rasa serba tak kena. 

He left on Saturday. I sent him to airport and the flight was scheduled to be departed at 11.10am. So after dah salam-salam he went into the departure hall. I walked back to the car. About 10 minutes leaving KLIA, he called me and said that the flight delayed to 2pm. I immediately turned back and headed to KLIA. At least we got a couple of hours more before staying apart for a week :(

I arrived home around 2 or so. I sat on the couch for about 20 mins and I was blurred. I didn't even know what to do next. And knowing the fact that I'll be alone for a week, is so heartbreaking. I hate being clingy, but that's what Asyraf taught me indirectly. I have no idea how did you guys survived long distance relationship!

Suddenly I remembered that there's one day that I bought 2 meters long cloth. That was intended to jahit seluar for me. But you know, to start sewing is so hard. Asyraf dah banyak kali tanya, bila nak start? Apa lagi barang tak ada? Well he bought me a new sewing machine (Brother JA1400). The best part is, this sewing machine can seam the edge. So I don't have to hantar kedai untuk jahit tepi. Yeay!!

Then I took the cloth, started to cut. But not to turn it out to a pants but a blouse. So it took me around 4 hours untuk siapkan sehelai blouse (From scratch). I'm impressed. So now that I have the semangat untuk menjahit, then I need more cloth. 

The next day I left home for Nagoya to get some kain. I managed to get the design that I wanted. I started to cut the cloth around 4pm and around 9pm, I dah siapkan myself a new mini kurung. In less than 6 hours :)

I had to cover my face, I'm having an allergy medication. My eyes are swollen like a goldfish!

I'm sooooo happy. Asyraf too!! I posted this on my ig story and thank you for the positive feedback received. But some of my friends were asking me to ambil upah menjahit. Even Asyraf is suggesting me to do so. It makes a lot of money actually. Maybe not for now. InsyAllah in future :) So last night I terus basuh that baju and today I'm feeling extra energetic going to work sebab dapat pakai baju baru!

I have another mini kurung coming!

Update 1st Aug 2018 : I dah siapkan another two! Hehe


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