Jul 13, 2018

To be Tested - Believing and Accepting

Assalamualaikum and hi readers!

Earlier today I received a message from my friend. She's not in a good condition. She told me that his ex is getting married. But they just broke up 3 months ago and this is so sudden for her.

Reading the text relate me back to my story. It's a same story but I wasn't in her shoe but in his ex's. She left him for some reason and and now she's regretting her decision. I feel sorry for her and totally understand her feeling. Broken, hurt, sad, anger, everything is there. 

But looking back on the positive side, as a muslim, we must strongly BELIEVE and ACCEPT that none happens without His will. 

From birth to death, there are hundreds of such conditions which are beyond our power. Qada' and Qadar Allah is a deep ocean, you should not enter it, which means never question why is this happening. But one thing for sure we can be confident that whatever is decreed is because of some good reason. 

I know it hurts. But the only way out is to go through it. Never ever look back. Your ex is starting a new life. I know for him/her pun mungkin susah jugak to accept this. But being abandoned and to be left made us broken inside. And those people who suffered that shall do anything to get themselves healed. And that's what I felt and I decided to grab whatever chance I had for happiness. 

I'm sorry for those who have to go through this. But be strong! Make yourself busy and keep praying. It's the most powerful weapon for Muslim. Keep praying for you to meet the right one and to let all the memories go. But be careful, memories don't fade easily. It can come flooded in your mind tiba-tiba je. That's where you must be strong :) 

It's okay to be sad and to cry, but always be strong!



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