Jul 16, 2018

Valuing A Relationship

Assalamualaikum and hi readers!

It's Monday again huh? Feeling extra sleepy today even though I didn't stay up for the final match of World Cup. I tried, but I was lost in the dream after the first goal scored by France! And the next thing I knew was my husband was carrying me into the room. Well, he did that everyday. Lucky me!! We spend most of our time in the living area. My husband with his computer and me with the TV. That's the reason why I always end up sleeping on the couch.

This is my husband's area 

Anyway readers, yesterday I was scrolling my Instagram and saw an IG Story of someone and she was answering questions from her followers. One of the questions was, How To Move On? I was so shocked with her answer. Well maybe not for some of you! She said, to move on is to get yourself in a rebound relationship or to find a new boyfriend.

Well, breakups are bad news for anyone and, going straight out and dating someone else might seem like the perfect remedy for the breakup blues, but rebound relationships rarely work out. But to start over is not easy. The best thing to do after a break up is to give yourself some time to heal before you start dating again, and then you will be in the right frame of mind to start looking for proper romance again. 

Most people who get themselves into a rebound relationship are doing it for entirely the wrong reasons. Start a relationship only when you found the right one. Why are you afraid of being single and choose to settle for a second best. I know it's gonna take a whole lot of process in knowing someone. But girl, don't jump into a relationship to soon. There are a lot of effort you can take to help you to move on. Girl, it's never easy to move on. There'll be a lot of crying of course! But please value the relationship. To be in love is something beautiful and let the feeling comes naturally. Not by trying and let's see what's next.

If you think dating on the rebound will wipe your mind clear of all thoughts about your ex, then you will be disappointed. Your ex will still be fresh in your mind, with or without a new partner in tow, and dating won’t make things any easier.

Relax, take time to reflect on the relationship that just ended.


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