Oct 1, 2018


Assalamualaikum hi readers!
 Ocober, one of the most awaited month of the year. Dulu and now.
Well today I'm having a gloomy day. I was on EL last Friday, so I had a long weekend and today it took me a lot of effort to wake up from bed. Well, I'm a morning person to be honest. I wake up sooo early during weekend and I'll definitely climb up onto Asyraf. Hehe that's the best thing to do in the morning especially knowing that you don't have to rush to work. Asyraf once told me that, he wanted to meet ustaz. I asked why. Then he said, dia selalu kena tindih pagi-pagi. Hehehe. 

So last weekend, we didn't go anywhere except Amcorp Mall and Sunway Pyramid on Saturday. On Sunday we decided to stay at home. I have work to do and Asyraf went out for futsal. He came back during Zohor. I told him I'm bored, but I didn't feel like going out. So we lepak in our gaming/sewing room. He was on his pc while I was on my phone and brought myself onto the bed. Eventually I felt asleep! 

So this is our gaming/sewing or lepak room!

Well, I always have trouble sleeping during the day. Before I completely able to sleep, I always feel like my body is flying in the air. It was not a good thing to experience before you sleep and that's the reason why I always avoid to sleep during the day. Also, when I sleep during the day, I tend to be super duper moody. And it can last up until night time. This attitude has been killing my siblings and close friends when I was in UKM. 

So I had almost 2 hours sleep and woke up with Asyraf was still on his PC. He greeted me with his smile and I replied him with a sour face. He knew it already. I was wearing a tight and Asyraf looked me upside down and he said, go siap-siap pakai tudung, we go swimming. Yeayyyy!! I immediately wore my tudung and we walked out the house 7 minutes later. It was raining. But my husband said, it's okay. Don't wait the rain to stop, just enjoy the moment. Before that, we had teh tarik nearby the swimming pool and splushhh ourself into the pool.

Our teh tarik session

To be honest, I don't know how to swim. I tend to get panic attack in the water. So, I wasn't really swimming yesterday. I just hold Asyraf and followed him in the pool. 

I didn't do so much activities in the water, but my body is aching today!


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